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・4 bottles with over 7 combined prestigious awards won

・Recognized by highest domestic and international SAKE competitions

・Collection curated by expert SAKE sommelier

・SAKE crafted by elite breweries from Japan

SAKE NETWORK Award-Winning Set features four select SAKE that have received the most sough-after honors that any beverage can receive.

This collection is perhaps the most decorated SAKE ever sold in one collection.

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Junmai Daiginjo "Setsugekka" 純米大吟醸 "雪月花" 720ml

Ryozeki Shuzo brewery's prized Junmai Daiginjo SAKE Setsugekka has found a wealth of success in both domestic and international competitions, and proudly flaunts Ryozeki's one-of-a-kind "moderate umami" profile. This full-bodied, gently aromatic SAKE is versatile when pairing with food, and goes particularly well with grilled meat and deep-fried seafood. Be sure to serve Setsugekka chilled for maximum enjoyment.

PrizeInternational Wine & Spirits Competition, Best in Class (2007)
San Francisco International Wine Competition, Best SAKE Double Gold (2014)
The Fine SAKE Award, Japan (2018)

ProductsAromatic Type

CategoryJunmai Daiginjo

BreweryRyozeki Shuzo

BodyFull Body

Dry or SweetSweet

TasteA moderate and soft taste with gentle aroma

AromaA light and fruity aroma

Suitable TemperatureAround 10°C

Rice Milling Level40%

Alcohol Percentage15%

Daiginjo "Hakuryu" 大吟醸 "白龍" 720ml

Niigata Prefecture's very own Hakuryu Shuzo brewery remains consistently among Japan's elite producers with their signature SAKE. The brewery's use of high-quality Koshi Tanrei rimmce and underground water sourced from Agano-fukuryuusui yields a wonderfully aromatic Daiginjo with hints of umami. This SAKE is ideal as an aperitif, but also pairs well with dishes that are light in flavor. Serve chilled for a delicious SAKE tasting experience!

Prize22 Consecutive Monde Selection Gold Awards(1997–2018)
International Wine & Spirits Competition, Best in Class (2007)

ProductsAromatic Type


BreweryHakuryu Shuzo

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetSlightly Dry

TasteA Mellow aroma, and smooth and, flowing taste. Finishes with a faint and lingering umami.

AromaA fruity aroma suggestive of natural fruit.

Suitable TemperatureAbout 10-15°C

Rice Milling Level40%

Alcohol Percentage16%

Junmai Ginjo "Kinshi Masamune" 純米吟醸 "金鵄正宗" 720ml

This SAKE is wrapped in gold for a reason. Kyoto-based Kinshi Masamune brewery's namesake Junmai Ginjo is meticulously fermented at low temperatures to produce a bright, slightly sweet aromatic SAKE. Its creamy fragrance is thanks to the use of Kyoto's special Iwai brewer's rice. We suggest pairing the wonderfully crisp and elegant flavor with spicy dishes. Kinishi Masamune Junmai Ginjo is best served chilled, preferably from a glass to enjoy the well-rounded bouquet.

PrizeAnuga Wine Special, Gold Award (2017)
US National SAKE Appraisal, Gold Medal(2015)

Products Aromatic Type

Category Junmai Ginjo

Brewery Kinshi Masamune

Body Medium body

Dry or Sweet Slightly Sweet

Taste An elegant and crisp flavor.

Aroma A bright ginjo aroma.

Suitable Temperature About 10-15°C

Rice Milling Level 55%

Alcohol Percentage 16-17%

Junmai Ginjo "Kinteki" 純米吟醸 "金滴"720ml

After Hokkaido brewery Kinteki Shuzo's Junmai Ginjo received an "outstanding" 91 rating from world-famous critic Robert Parker's Wine Advocate Magazine, global demand for this refreshingly smooth SAKE quickly skyrocketed. The semi-dry taste and light body of Kinteki are what endeared it to such a high rating from Wine Advocate. Serve this SAKE ice cold with your favorite seafood, and we're confident you'll love it as well.

PrizeAwarded 91 Parker Points®(2016)

ProductsRefreshing Smooth Type

CategoryJunmai Ginjo

BreweryKinteki Shuzo

BodyLight Body

Dry or SweetSlightly Dry

TasteThe rice-infused flavor lingers through the aftertaste.

AromaApple aroma
Initial bouquet, deeper aroma.

Suitable Temperature About 5-10°C

Rice Milling Level 55%

Alcohol Percentage 15%

Sake Sommelier Comment

SAKE Sommelier fujiwara

With our SAKE NETWORK Award-Winning Set, you can enjoy the subtle pleasures and complexities of Japan's national libation!

This set -- exclusively featuring SAKE selected by internationally recognized rating organizations -- provides you with four distinct bottles that will surely win your seal of approval as each has been reviewed and decorated with the highest honors from some of the most refined palates across the globe..

Enjoy the best of SAKE with Award-Winning Set!

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