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Picked up SAKEs which won the prestigious SAKE prizes either in Japan or in oversea competitions.
This starter set is recommended for those who would like to taste the professionally-recognized SAKE.

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Junmai Daiginjo "EikunIchigin" 180ml

This sake brings all of our enthusiasm and the finest of our expertise to bear in the production of an exquisite brew.
Made entirely with Yamada Nishiki rice polished to the drastic low of 35%, the resulting junmai daiginjo has a brisk and fruity aroma that is refined and elegant.

PrizeGold Medal, IWC (International Wine Challenge) (2007)

ProductsAromatic Type

CategoryJunmai Daiginjo

BrewerySaito Sake Brewing

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetSlightly Dry

TasteBright and dry flavor.

AromaA fruity ginjo sake aroma.

Suitable Temperaturecold

Rice Milling Level35%

Alcohol Percentage15%

Daiginjo "Hakuryu" 300ml

This is Hakuryu’s signature brew, and has awarded taken the Gold Medal at the Monde Selection for ten consecutive years since 2007. “Koshi Tanrei” rice is highly polished, leaving only the core of the rice, which is then slowly fermented at low temperature.

The result is a vividly aromatic Ginjo with a crisp dry taste that nevertheless boasts a mellow depth and quietly lingering umami note.

PrizeGold Medal, Monde Selection (10 consecutive years since 2007, and a total of 21 times)

ProductsAromatic Type


BreweryHakuryu Shuzo

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetSlightly Dry

TasteA Mellow aroma, and smooth and, flowing taste. Finishes with a faint and lingering umami.

AromaA fruity aroma suggestive of natural fruit.

Suitable TemperatureAbout 10-15°C

Rice Milling Level40%

Alcohol Percentage16%

Junmai Daiginjo "Setsugekka" 180ml

Using a traditional low temperature, long-term fermentation process developed at Ryozeki and local rice, the signature “moderate umami” style Ryozeki is known for is achieved.
The aroma and flavor are gentle, making this brew suitable for many types of cuisine.

PrizeGold "Best in Class", IWSC (International Wine & Spirits Competition) (2007)
Best Sake Double Gold & Best Of Nation Award Japan, Sanfrancisco International Wine Conmetition (2014)
Gold medal, Delicious Sake Served in a Wine Glass Award Daiginjo category (2015)

ProductsAromatic Type

CategoryJunmai Daiginjo

BreweryRyozeki Shuzo

BodyFull body

Dry or SweetSweet

TasteA moderate and soft taste with gentle aroma.

AromaA light and fruity aroma.

Suitable TemperatureAbout 10°C

Rice Milling Level40%

Alcohol Percentage15%

Junmai Ginjo "Kinshi Masamune" 300ml

Made with 100% Iwai rice from Kyoto and fermented slowly at low temperatures, this is a carefully crafted junmai ginjo SAKE. Noted for its elegant ginjo aroma and elegant and clean taste.

Prize Gold Medal, US National Sake Appraisal (2015)

Products Aromatic Type

Category Junmai Ginjo

Brewery Kinshi Masamune

Body Medium body

Dry or Sweet Slightly Sweet

Taste An elegant and crisp flavor.

Aroma A bright ginjo aroma.

Suitable Temperature About 10-15°C

Rice Milling Level 55%

Alcohol Percentage 16-17%

Ume-shu "Koshigoi Junmai Daiginjojikomi" 180ml

Using a base of junmai daiginjo SAKE, the finest Shirakaga and Nanko plums picked in the prefecture are pickled with junmai daiginjo and rock sugar, entirely free of additives.

This bring out the natural aroma of the ingredients. The bright aroma of plum paired with a rich and elegant sweetness.

Prize Silver medal, FOODEX Female Gourmand Grand Prix (2015)

Products Liqueur

Category Other

Brewery Yoshino Shuzo

Body Medium body

Dry or Sweet Sweet

Taste A rich and deep flavor with a clean finish. / Aroma: A fruity aroma.

Suitable Temperature About 5°C, About 15°C

Rice Milling Level 50%

Alcohol Percentage 11-12%

Junmai Daiginjo "Hakuryu" 180ml

For ten years since 2007, this SAKE has continued to be awardedtake the Gold Medal at the Monde Selection. It is one of Hakuryu’s most strongly recommended SAKEs. This Junmai Daiginjo SAKE offers a crisp taste, a mild umami flavor of rice, and a smooth and mellow aroma.

Prize Gold Medal, Monde Selection (10 consecutive years since 2007, and a total of 19 wins)

Products Aromatic Type

Category Junmai Daiginjo

Brewery Hakuryu Shuzo

Body Medium body

Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry

Taste Offering a vivid aroma, and light feeling, this sake also has a soft and mellow taste.

Aroma Fruity flavor suggestive of natural fruit.

Suitable Temperature About 10-15°C

Rice Milling Level 45%

Alcohol Percentage 15%

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