SAKE Cocktail Recipes


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Sake Cocktail Recipes

Point of Recipe

  • Cool and gorgeous Sake-based cocktails.
  • A bit of Japanese taste.
  • Easy to prepare.
  • Acceptable even for Sake-beginner, ladies, and younger generation.
  • Go well with any genre food (Japanese, Western, Chinese, Ethnics).
  • Low-alcohol, light type recipes.
  • Taking advantages of sake.

The original sake cocktail recipes coproduced by Sake Network and Japanese sake consultant.


SAMURAI ROCK - Sake Cool Style -

  • Sake (Fresh Junmai-shu is recommended) 60ml - 90ml
  • LimeHalf piece
  • IceAppropriate dosage

Pour sake on full of ice in rock-glass, squeeze half piece of lime.
Even if you squeeze a lot, it won't be too sour.

Sake with cut Lime(not squeeze)also would be nice.
This cocktail is widely accepted as "Samurai Rock", but young(especially women) people don't even know. If you could, clear ice is favorable.
Furthermore, putting half-piece of lime on top of this cocktail and let the customers squeeze by themselves makes this cocktail be "drinker participatory cocktail". You can use grapefruit instead of lime. Any acid citrus fruits is suitable.

How to match with dishes
  • This cocktail masks the odor of raw fish like Sashimi, Sushi and grilled fish.
  • This cocktail masks the oiliness of fried dishes. (plays a roll of lemon squeezing on the fried dishes)
  • For Japanese fusion dishes.
Sake & TEA

Sake & TEA - Sake Cool Style -

  • Sake (Genshu is recommended)1(about 60ml)
  • Green Tea1(about 60ml)
  • Powdery Green TeaHalf-tea spoon
  • IceAppropriate dose

Pour sake and green tea half each on full of ice in rock glass.
If you like, two thirds of glass for sake is okay.
Adding powdery green tea makes color brighter, and increases sweetness and flavor.
Green tea is known for healthy drink because of its content of vitamin.
Now, Green tea is in the global boom. Enjoy the new collaboration with sake.

How to match with dishes
  • This cocktail matches with Sushi, Sashimi, and any genre dish using fish.
  • This masks the odor of raw fish. Suitable for Japanese fusion dish.

Sake MISTY - Sake Cool Style -

  • Nigorizake1(about 60ml)
  • Soda1(about 60ml)
  • Fresh Lemon Juice Appropriate dosage
  • IceAppropriate dosage

Pour nigorizake and soda half of each on full of ice in rock-glass.
If you like, adding lemon juice makes this cocktail like yogurt juice.
In that way, you can enjoy fresh sweetness.

How to match with dishes
  • For toasting.
  • Early timing of meal.
  • Matches with Oily dishes because this washes off the oil in your mouth.
  • For Japanese fusion dishes.

Sake COW GIRL - Sake Cool Style -

  • Nigorizake (Thick type)1(about 60ml)
  • Milk1(about 60ml)
  • Fresh Lemon JuiceAppropriate dosage
  • IceAppropriate dosage

Whisky-based milk cocktail「cowboy」.
We arranged this by using sake and named「cowgirl」.
Sweetness and thickness of nigorizake are in harmony with milk.
This cocktail is milk with alcohol.
Therefore this is sometimes called as "Adult Milk". Squeezing lemon makes its taste much fresher like lemon yoghurt.

How to match with dishes
  • With spicy or hot dishes like curry.
    We put an image of "Lassi" on this cocktail, a popular beverage in India.
  • With nuts or dried fruits, snacks.

Sake GINGER ALE - Sake Cool Style -


Fruity ginjo with ginger ale.
Enjoy the fresh mouth-feeling of this cocktail.
Squeezing lemon or lime juice makes the taste more sharp.
Serving in fruit glass will attract women.

How to match with dishes
  • For toasting or for aperitif.
  • For casual dishes.
  • With pizza or pasta.
  • With Japanese fusion dishes.

Sake ROMANTICO - Sake Cool Style -

  • Sake (Ginjo, Namazake)one-third of glass
  • Crème de Cassishalf of tea-spoon
  • IceAppropriate dosage

Fashionable and romantic cocktail served in wine glass.
Using cassis liquor makes this cocktail like rosé wine and sangria.
Squeezing lemon juice makes this cocktail taste much sharper.
After adding liquor and stirring by tea-spoon, the color turns like cassis.
If you don't stir, beautiful gradation can be seen. You can enjoy this cocktail by adding soda . This recipe is recommended to serve for ladies.

How to match with dishes
  • For aperitif.
  • For casual dishes.
  • For Japanese fusion dishes.
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