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Japanese SAKE breweries from all over Japan will participate in this project. Different SAKE rarely offered in the market will be available.
You can taste the passion through this SAKE NETWORK.

Ayumasamune Shuzo -Niigata-

The brewery focuses on producing SAKE that is in harmony with nature.
Founded in 1875. The brewery got its start when Hikozaemon Iiyoshi used a high-quality source of local water known for its endless supply.
These natural waters continue to flow forth below our brewery.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Ayumasamune Shuzo -Niigata-

Chiyokotobuki Toraya -Yamagata-

Our company is said to have been founded in 1696 (9th year of the Genroku era) by Onuma Sozaemon, in what is the present-day city of Yamagata. The family fell on hard times at the end of the Tokugawa period, but during the time of of the eighth generation Onuma Yasukichi the fame of Kotobuki grew and they brewed 800,000 liters, a remarkable volume for that time.

Brewery located in Tohoku

Photo - Chiyokotobuki Toraya -Yamagata-

Echigo Den'Emon -Niigata-

Echigo Den’Emon is based in Toyosaka, Niigata, an area roughly in the center of the Niigata Plains. The area is colored with a rich range of natural scenery year-round. The brewery preserves the traditional Echigo style of SAKE while pursuing unique aromas and tastes, making it a brewery that continuously surprises and goes beyond conventions. At the same time, it preserves traditional and seasonal bouquets and the signature aromas of the house.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Echigo Den'Emon -Niigata-

Echigo Zakura -Niigata-

Produced in a brewery that also functions as a tourist site nearby Lake Hyoko,famous for its flying swans. Creating luxuriously SAKE surrounded by the rich natural environment of Niigata.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Echigo Zakura -Niigata-

Hakuryu Shuzo -Niigata-

This brewery was founded in 1839. Located in a central location in the Echigo Plain, a grain-producing region in Niigata, we utilize the fertile nature of this vast region to produce high -quality brewers’ SAKE rice and water sourced from the abundant and pure and coolclear waters of the Agano River. Drawing on traditional and historical techniques that date to the Edo period, we work tirelessly with the SAKE to uncover its secrets and put quality first.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Hakuryu Shuzo -Niigata-

Hasegawa Shuzo -Niigata-

Our firm was founded in the late Edo period. For 170 years, we have continued producing SAKE in the same location.
Production of fine SAKE requires a good climate and fresh water, which we have in spades here. This produces a clear, elegant aroma and a light smooth taste.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Hasegawa Shuzo -Niigata-

Horan Shuzo -Tochigi-

Founded in 1881, we have focused exclusively on brewing for 100+ years.
Today, we develop SAKE, wine, cocktails, yogurt liqueurs, strawberry, plum wine, yuzu wine, and other fruit wines, and we employ dairy products to create a wide range of alcoholic beverages.

Brewery located in Kanto

Photo - Horan Shuzo -Tochigi-

Itakura Shuzo -Shimane-

Established in 1871 in what was then Enya -a location also recorded in the Izumo Province Fudoki (an ancient report on provincial culture and geography)
- it uses only rice from Shimane Prefecture, which is blessed with an abundance of nature, and is made carefully by hand, according to the style of Izumo's master brewer.

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Itakura Shuzo -Shimane-

Iwanoi Shuzo -Iwate-

A brewery in which local residents are shareholders.
We believe that it is only through the production of unique brews that we can preserve local industry and continue being a traditional brewery.
Drawing on long traditions passed down over the generations and the idea of new contexts for new SAKE, we passionately work together as a team every day.

Brewery located in Tohoku

Photo - Iwanoi Shuzo -Iwate-

Iwase Shuzo -Chiba-

The brewery is believed to have been founded in 1723 and was operated as a sideline over the generations.
Iwanoi gets its name from the Japanese phrase for the "Iwase well". 80% or more of SAKE is water. In this way, it is essential to proper SAKE production.

Brewery located in Kanto

Photo - Iwase Shuzo -Chiba-

Joyo Shuzo -Kyoto-

Located in Southern Kyoto, the only SAKE brewery in the Yamashiro area.

Our passion for rice
Rice is the main ingredient of SAKE. Traditionally,,Jizake (small-scale, locally brewed SAKE) was brewed from rice harvested nearby.

Brewery located in Kinki

Photo - Joyo Shuzo -Kyoto-

Kaetsu Sake Brewery -Niigata-

Our brewery is located along the Agano River, an area rich in fresh water and verdant greenery. We were founded in 1880. The company goes by the trade name Kanbaraya. Our signature brew, Kirin, gets its name from Kirin Castle, which once existed in the nearby Kirin Mountains.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Kaetsu Sake Brewery -Niigata-

Kanaya Shuzoten Corporation -Ishikawa-

Founded in 1869, we are a specialty brewer. The brewery is located in an area with strong extremes of hot and cold weather, making it the perfect climate for SAKE production. Though small, our brewery is committed to contributing to the SAKE culture at large.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Kanaya Shuzoten Corporation -Ishikawa-

Kano Shuzo -Ishikawa-

Founded in 1819 in Kaga domain, an area overlooking the sacred Mount Shirayama. Using Yamadanishiki (brewing rice) we cultivate in our own rice field and the clear underground waters of the "Hakusui Well", we focus on the quality of our ingredients first. The resulting SAKE has a rich aroma and a clean taste, with numerous accolades obtained at the All-Japan New SAKE Awards of Excellence.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Kano Shuzo -Ishikawa-

Kinshi Masamune -Kyoto-

In 1781, Kyubey Matsuya, the first-generation founder, was deeply involved in the history of classical Kyoto cuisine in the area south of the Imperial Palace. The SAKE is refined and bright, made using water from Kyoto, a place of scenic beauty. This SAKE is perfect for pairing with Kyoto cuisine, the treasure of Japan’s old imperial capital. The brew is prepared in Fushimi, Kyoto, using the signature Tokiwai-no-Mizu water and traditional brewing methods.

Brewery located in Kinki

Photo - Kinshi Masamune -Kyoto-

Kinteki Shuzo -Hokkaido-

Kinteki Shuzou is a traditional brewery with a 110-year history in Hokkaido. Located at almost the exact center of the island of Hokkaido, near the northern end of the Kabato district with Hokkaido's "mother river" Ishikari-gawa to the east, nestled to the west by the Moroyama river of Mt Pinneshiri, revered as the mountain of the gods, Kinteki Shuzou enjoys a climate rich in seasonal transformation. In wintertime its inland location in a frigid climate zone means the cold is intense and unrelenting, and the mountains of snow make the air clean and pure, creating the kind of climate that is especially essential to the brewing of the most flavorful SAKE.

Brewery located in Hokkaido

Photo - Kinteki Shuzo -Hokkaido-

Kitagawahonke -Kyoto-

Kitagawa Honke was founded in 1657 and has been in operation for over three hundred years. With a commitment to the traditions that have been handed down and to selecting the finest ingredients, we use the rich waters of Fushimi, Kyoto to walk hand-in-hand with Kyoto’s culture.

Brewery located in Kinki

Photo - Kitagawahonke -Kyoto-

Kita Shuzo -Shiga-

We boast a history of close to 200 years, having been founded in 1820. We cherish Japan’s ancient traditions while incorporating a spirit of creativity and change into our brewing. Kirakucho, our signature brew, gets its name from three Chinese characters that convey our desire that customers be Happy, experience Enjoyment, and live Long.

Brewery located in Kinki

Photo - Kita Shuzo -Shiga-

Komesake Center Hiramatsu -Okayama-

Following the appointment of our third company president in 2014, we focused our attention on continuing to deliver Japanese SAKE to the world and deliver the best SAKE in the world to Okayama. Hoping to create our own high quality SAKE, our owner visited various breweries and worked with them to develop unique products that could only be made at local breweries. We bring you only the best products, carefully selected by our owner and brewed with love.

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Komesake Center Hiramatsu -Okayama-

Koshinohana Shuzo -Niigata-

This is a veteran brewery headquartered in a town with a long history of fermented food products. For the 146 years since our founding in 1870, we have maintained a deep relationship with the history and culture of Niigata. The company motto is "Heart and soul in tune with SAKE". Each and every drop is made with passion and commitment, with the rice, water, Echigo Toji collective, and local backdrop of Niigata working in tandem.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Koshinohana Shuzo -Niigata-

Kunimare Shuzo -Hokkaido-

Around the time of the company’s founding in 1882, Hokkaido’s western coasts boomed in the herring trade. Kunimare Brewery got its start providing SAKE to fishermen.

Brewery located in Hokkaido

Photo - Kunimare Shuzo -Hokkaido-

Kyohime Shuzo -Kyoto-

The Fushimi region of Kyoto is famous for its refined SAKE. The natural waters that spring up there are used to ferment the brew. Focusing largely on Yamada Nishiki rice, the SAKEs are brewed with a mash that is fermented slowly at low temperatures to create a fruity refined SAKE with a clean finish.

Brewery located in Kinki

Photo - Kyohime Shuzo -Kyoto-

Masukagami -Niigata-

Founded in 1892.
Committed to cultivating the best proportions of polished rice in order to create everything from staple everyday SAKEs to luxurious daiginjo brews, we create crisp, flavorful, and refined SAKE. Simultaneously, we continue to produce a range of exciting and creative new SAKEs for today’s era, such as the Kamenozoki.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Masukagami -Niigata-

Matsui Shuzo -Kyoto-

Founded in 1726, Matsui is the original brewery of Kagura and Fuji Chitose, the choice SAKEs of the imperial capital. This brewery abundant in natural scenery lies between the 36 Higashiyama mountains and the Kamo River, with views of Kyoto Imperial Palace and Shimogamo Shrine to the west and Daimonji-yama to the east. Brewing operations were suspended for an extended period due to urban renewal nearby, but the brewery reopened in 2009 and SAKE production was started again. Matsui has boldly adopting new techniques for making better SAKE, and 60% of its electricity requirements is provided by solar energy.

Brewery located in Kinki

Photo - Matsui Shuzo -Kyoto-

Matsumidori Brewery -Aomori-

Located in the Tsugaru Region of Aomori, Matsumidori Brewery, the creator of Matsumidori, Rokkon, Reiho, and Deka, has won numerous awards. With respect to the historical background of the brewery, the current brewers continue to faithfully maintain our dedication to traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

Brewery located in Tohoku

Photo - Matsumidori Brewery -Aomori-

Mukaihara Brewery -Hiroshima-

Mukaihara Brewery is the only SAKE brewery in the city of Akitakata. It has a long history, and was built in 1909 and funded by local volunteers and others who wanted "a brewery in our town."
Junmai Daiginjo-shu "Kan no Kura". Kan no Kura is a characteristic mellow and fruity Ginjo-shu with a distinct flavor and good aftertaste. It gets its name from the Kan no Kura mountain that straddles the towns of Mukaihara and Shiraki.

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Mukaihara Brewery -Hiroshima-

Muromachi Shuzo -Okayama-

Founded in 1688, we have been in business for 320 years and are committed to using Omachi rice from Okayama Prefecture. We have won the grand prize at the Monde Selection and a range of other international spirits competitions. We also actively incorporate noted Japanese ingredients like white peach and grape to produce a variety of liqueurs.

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Muromachi Shuzo -Okayama-

Nakaoki Shuzoten -Yamagata-

Nakaoki Shuzou was founded in 1923, in Kawanishi-cho of the Okitama district, surrounded by Mt Azuma to the east, the Asahi mountains to the west and the Iitoyo mountains to the south, fed by the waters of the Mogami River.

Brewery located in Tohoku

Photo - Nakaoki Shuzoten -Yamagata-

Nakazen Sake Brewery -Nagano-

We are a small brewery in the mountains. Rather than increasing output, we strictly limit our production in order to remain entirely hands-on in the process and improve each step. The enthusiasm and commitment of the rice growers resonates with us, and we passionately craft our local SAKE to honor their work.

Brewery located in Chubu

Photo - Nakazen Sake Brewery -Nagano-

Narimasa Sake Brewery -Toyama-

Mt. Io forms the boundary with Ishikawa Prefecture, and it is at its foothills that the waters which form the basis and crux of Narimasa’s SAKEs trickle forth. Our brand name is taken from Narimasa Sassa, a military commander and the lord of Ecchu, a province during Japan’s Warring States period. We use the “Spearpoint Waters,” so named for their coming from a place where Narimasa struck down his lance and a spring of water gushed forth.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Narimasa Sake Brewery -Toyama-

Nihonkai Shuzo -Shimane-

Established in 1888.
In March 1950, we changed the company name from Naka Shuzou Limited (derived from the old place name) to Nihonkai Shuzou Co., Ltd. in the hope that we would become a SAKE brewer as widely loved as the Nihonkai, or Sea of Japan.
The current president, Shinji Fujita, is the fifth generation head of the company. We are engaged in developing the business of "SAKE brewing" with the "value" of our products in mind and without being influenced by price.

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Nihonkai Shuzo -Shimane-

Otani Shuzo -Tottori-

This brewery was founded in 1872.
Our brand “Takaisami” was named by the first founder, a bird enthusiast who was inspired by the image of the hawk soaring through the clear blue sky. Since our founding, we have continued to produce brisk and dry-tasting SAKE.

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Otani Shuzo -Tottori-

Ryozeki Shuzo -Akita-

Ryozeki got its start as Ito Niemon, which was founded in 1874. The historic brewery of over 135 years got its start in trade with Kaga Domain (present-day Ishikawa Prefecture) in the late Warring States period through early Edo period, where it was given the name Niemon.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Ryozeki Shuzo -Akita-

Sakemochida Honten -Shimane-

The brewery was founded in 1877. The shop is located centrally within the Momen Kaido, an area with a traditional streetscape. The bottle is well-known for its Yamasan Masamune name.
Here in Hirata, Izumo, you will find Saka Shrine, which enshrines a patron deity of SAKE brewing. This area is considered the birthplace of SAKE.

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Sakemochida Honten -Shimane-

Saito Sake Brewing -Kyoto-

We took the Gold Medal for 14 years in a row at the National Research Institute of Brewing competition, a record that has yet to be topped.
We use Iwai rice, produced solely in Kyoto and only available to breweries in Kyoto Prefecture. Our brewery procures 40% of total Iwai rice production in Japan, giving us the top share of the market.

Brewery located in Kinki

Photo - Saito Sake Brewing -Kyoto-

Sentoku Shuzo -Miyazaki-

Established in 1903, Sentoku Shuzo is Miyazaki prefecture’s only sake brewery to be able to boast over a century of expertise. The rice — Yamada Nishiki and Hanakagura varieties — is sourced locally from the surrounding farmlands of quaint towns like Takachiho, better known in Japan as the "Land of the Gods." Taste the tradition drawn from the storied brewing culture of southern Japan.

Brewery located in Kyushu

Photo - Sentoku Shuzo -Miyazaki-

Suehiro Shuzo -Fukushima-

Founded in 1850, the brewery prizes history and tradition, while at the same time always considering changing needs and producing creative and original SAKE.
Out of a belief that Aizu SAKE should use Aizu rice, local ingredients are used, and the resulting SAKE is designed to warm both body and soul of the customer.

Brewery located in Tohoku

Photo - Suehiro Shuzo -Fukushima-

Suishin Yamane Honten -Hiroshima-

Suishin was founded in 1860. We are the only SAKE brewery in Mihara, Hiroshima, an area long recognized as being ideal for SAKE production. Our brews are also well-known for having been a lifelong favorite of famed Japanese painter Taikan Yokoyama.

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Suishin Yamane Honten -Hiroshima-

Tamaasahi Shuzo -Toyama-

One of Toyama Prefecture’s most historic breweries. Records date its founding to 1808, and it has produced a light, dry SAKE over the generations.
Tamaasahi Shuzo draws on its historic brews of the past, taking what is tried and true and blending it with the new, continuously presenting SAKE that is au courant for today’s trends.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Tamaasahi Shuzo -Toyama-

Tanaka Shuzoten -Ibaraki-

Founded in 1655. Since its founding, the brewery has steadfastly focused on the production of Japanese SAKE. This brewery was bestowed the brand name Kimibandai by the Meiji Emperor in 1884. The name means, “may Japan prosper long.” So long as Japan continues to thrive, so, too, will we produce SAKE.

Brewery located in Kanto

Photo - Tanaka Shuzoten -Ibaraki-

Toshimori Shuzo -Okayama-

Toshimori believes that the best local SAKE is produced by using local rice, water, and understanding the terroir of the region. The Karube region in which our brewery is found has long been an area producing Omachimai brewer’s rice.

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Toshimori Shuzo -Okayama-

Tsuji Honten -Okayama-

This brewery started business in 1804 at the same site it stands at today.
This SAKE was originally produced for the royalty of Katsuyama domain, where it obtained its name of “Gozenshu.”

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Tsuji Honten -Okayama-

Tsukinowa Shuzoten -Iwate-

Our most popular type of SAKE. This is an all-rounder, that can be drunk either hot or cold. We also recommend it as a table SAKE.

Brewery located in Tohoku

Photo - Tsukinowa Shuzoten -Iwate-

Yachiyo Shuzo -Yamaguchi-

Formed as a traditional brewery in 1887 using pure waters (medium hardness) upstream from the Abu River, the brewery also uses Yamada Nishiki rice farmed with minimal pesticides in an area along the same banks. Focusing on the quality of the water and rice that make up the SAKE, this brewery is committed to the unstinting quality of its raw ingredients.

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Photo - Yachiyo Shuzo -Yamaguchi-

Yahiko Shuzo -Niigata-

Our brewery is located at the foothills of Mount Yahiko, a famous mountain in Echigo. We were founded in 1838. In 1848, our founder devised a means of using natural water spring flows in the brewing process.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Yahiko Shuzo -Niigata-

Yamamoto Honke -Kyoto-

Founded in 1677 under Tokugawa Ietsuna’s administration, the fourth shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty, in Fushimi, Kyoto. The business operates at the same place today.
The business has been passed down over the generations and is now run by the 11th-generation heir.

Brewery located in Kinki

Photo - Yamamoto Honke -Kyoto-

Yoshida Shuzo -Fukui-

Hakuryu brand aims to be a terroir SAKE local to Eiheiji, one that can only be produced here from the rich terrain. This is an energizing tipple to be enjoyed with a meal. It will give you vitality for the challenges you face the next day.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Yoshida Shuzo -Fukui-

Yoshino Shuzo -Chiba-

We have been producing SAKE in the Katsuura area of the Boso Peninsula since 1830. The temperate climate of the region pairs with the quality of the ingredients we use and the skills of our producers to create brews where each and every bottle is a testament to our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Brewery located in Kanto

Photo - Yoshino Shuzo -Chiba-

Yoyogiku Brewery -Niigata-

Records date this house to brewing in the middle Edo period (1603-1868), with the current president the 18th-generation heir.
The company was formally incorporated in 1954.

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Photo - Yoyogiku Brewery -Niigata-

Yutaka Shuzo -Fukui-

Since 1753 when our brewery was founded in Toyomura-Noda(Fukui Prefecture), we’ve been producing beloved SAKE by the local people.
Thanks to the high quality brewer’s rice and the pure water from Hino river, we’ve been able to craft and distribute high quality SAKE..

Brewery located in Chubu

Photo - Yutaka Shuzo -Fukui-

Y's Factory Japan -Tokyo-

In order to deliver the beauty of JAPAN across the world, we chose Mt.Fuji as this messenger.
Mt.Fuji, which was registered as the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage in 2013, has been traditionally familiar to the Japanese people as a mountain of spiritual symbol and an important subject for the paintings as represented by “36 Views of Mt.Fuji” painted by Hokusai Katsushika, a well-known historical painter . And we consider that this mountain is the best possible symbol to express Japanese heart . That’s how our “Hiryu Joun” ,a SAKE of Mt.Fuji was born.

Brewery located in Kanto

Photo - Y's Factory Japan -Tokyo-