Iwanoi Shuzo

A brewery in which local residents are shareholders.
We believe that it is only through the production of unique brews that we can preserve local industry and continue being a traditional brewery.
Drawing on long traditions passed down over the generations and the idea of new contexts for new sake, we passionately work together as a team every day.

Note: Invoice and payment will be charged in Japanese yen. Prices vary depending on the exchange rate. JPY 100 = EUR 0.8

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  1. Junmai Daiginjo "Magokoro"
    Junmai Daiginjo "Magokoro"
    720ml / 12 btls
  2. Junmai Ginjo "IWANOI"
    Junmai Ginjo "IWANOI"
    500ml / 12 btls
  3. Tokubetsu Junmai "IWANOI BLACK"
    Tokubetsu Junmai "IWANOI BLACK"
    720ml / 12 btls
  4. Junmai-shu "Magokoro"
    Junmai-shu "Magokoro"
    720ml / 12 btls


    Category Junmai

    Brewery Iwanoi Shuzo

4 Items

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