Junmai Daiginjo "Kannihonkai Mizusumi no Sato" -720ml / 12bottles-


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Uses "Yamadanishiki" rice cultivated locally under contract. It is a Junmai Daiginjo-shu with a rich, mellow aroma and soft taste.
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TypeAromatic Type

GradeJunmai Daiginjo

BreweryShimane - Nihonkai Shuzo

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Volume720ml (per bottle)
Number of Bottles12 bottles (as 1 case)
BodyMedium Body
Dry or SweetSlightly Dry
Raw MaterialRice, Rice malt
Variety of RiceYamadanishiki
AppearanceNearly clear
TasteLight and smooth taste, fragrant aftertaste intensity
AromaA fruity, apple-like aroma
Suitable TemperatureAbout 10°C
Rice Milling Level40%
Alcohol Percentage16
Sake Meter Value3
Acid Degree1.2
Amino Acid Degree1.2

Score: 4

Aroma Low

Score: 4

Flavor Sweet

Score: 3

Body Light

Nuts and Bolts

Pairs well with simple flavors.

  • salt-grilled sweetfish
  • sushi
  • salmon carpaccio

Brewery Information

Nihonkai Shuzo -Shimane-

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Misumicho Minatora, Hamada-shi, Shimane

Established in 1888.

In March 1950, we changed the company name from Naka Shuzou Limited (derived from the old place name) to Nihonkai Shuzou Co., Ltd. in the hope that we would become a SAKE brewer as widely loved as the Nihonkai, or Sea of Japan.

The current president, Shinji Fujita, is the fifth generation head of the company. We are engaged in developing the business of "SAKE brewing" with the "value" of our products in mind and without being influenced by price.

SAKE has been closely tied to regional traditions and food culture since ancient times. For example, SAKE features as a precious drink used by Susanoo-no-mikoto in his defeat of a great serpent (he used it to put the serpent to sleep) in the most famous folk tale of the regional performing art of Iwami Kagura. Also, because of the abundance of seafood products in the coastal area of ​​Hamada, there was a demand for SAKE that goes well with them. In Shimane prefecture, where sweet SAKE is popularly supported, Tajima Toji was first adopted as a result of seeking not just sweetness but "kire" (crisp aftertaste), because it was thought to go well with seafood products.

By developing new types of products while also protecting the taste that has been loved by the local people of Iwami, we aim to brew SAKE that will be supported and enjoyed by many different people.

The ocean is the emotional home of the Japanese people, and our philosophy of SAKE brewing is to make "SAKE that connects the hearts and minds of people" born within that great bosom.

Photo - Nihonkai Shuzo -Shimane-
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