Daiginjo "Echigo Sekkobai Kifukurokuju" -720ml / 12btls-

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We take Yamada Nishiki, considered the finest form of brewer’s rice, and polish it to 40% of its original content, then allow it to ferment at a low temperature. This delicacy makes a perfect gift to celebrate special occasions, prosperity, and long life. 

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TypeAromatic Type


BreweryNiigata - Hasegawa Shuzo

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Volume 720ml (per bottle)
Number of Bottles 12 bottles (as 1 case)
Body Full Body
Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry
Raw Material Rice,Rice malt,Brewing alcohol
Variety of Rice Yamadanishiki 100% (produced in Hyogo Prefecture)
Taste A fresh sweetness and aftertaste that unfurl in the mouth.
Aroma A rich and mellow aroma.
Suitable Temperature cold
Rice Milling Level 40%
Alcohol Percentage 17%
Sake Meter Value 3
Acid Degree 1.2

Score: 4

Aroma Low

Score: 4

Flavor Sweet

Score: 5

Body Light

Nuts and Bolts

Pairs well with

  • sashimi
  • fried tofu
  • sukiyaki

Brewery Information

Hasegawa Shuzo -Niigata-

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Settaya, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata

Our firm was founded in the late Edo period. For 170 years, we have continued producing SAKE in the same location.

Production of fine SAKE requires a good climate and fresh water, which we have in spades here. This produces a clear, elegant aroma and a light smooth taste.

Our brewers produce the SAKE entirely by hand, drawing on their skills and experience to bring out the umami of the rice.

Photo - Hasegawa Shuzo -Niigata-
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