Honjozo "Ayumasamune" -1800ml / 6btls-

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This is a classic local SAKE that has been enjoyed here the longest of all brews. It has a rich taste and flavor that will keep you coming back, offering excellent value for the price and a consistently high quality. Pairs well with food. This is an accessible sake that’s easy to drink.

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TypeRefreshing Smooth Type


BreweryNiigata - Ayumasamune Shuzo

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Volume 1800ml (per bottle)
Number of Bottles 6 bottles (as 1 case)
Body Medium Body
Dry or Sweet Slightly Sweet
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt, Distilled alcohol
Variety of Rice Gohyakumangoku / Koshiibuki
Taste This SAKE offers an excellent value for the price and is an accessible option suited to a variety of drinking styles.
Aroma A fragrant and simple aroma.
Suitable Temperature About 15°C / About 42°C
Rice Milling Level 70%
Alcohol Percentage 15
Sake Meter Value -1.4
Acid Degree 1.5
Amino Acid Degree 1.2

Score: 3

Aroma Low

Score: 2

Flavor Sweet

Score: 3

Body Light

Nuts and Bolts

Pairs well with simple flavors.

  • sushi
  • sashimi
  • fish
  • light pastas
  • grilled meat
  • steamed vegetables

Brewery Information

Ayumasamune Shuzo -Niigata-

Brewery located in Hokuriku

Saruhashi, Myoko-shi, Niigata

The brewery focuses on producing SAKE that is in harmony with nature.
Founded in 1875. The brewery got its start when Hikozaemon Iiyoshi used a high-quality source of local water known for its endless supply.
These natural waters continue to flow forth below our brewery.
Every hour, six tons of water are produced. This natural underground water source courses beneath the mountains and is closely tied to our brewery.
Rich natural fonts of water are used to produce our SAKE, which has a smooth mouthfeel and gentle sweetness. This SAKE is mellow, but with a clean finish. Ayu Masamune is located in Saruhashi, Myoko, an area with some of the highest snowfall in Niigata Prefecture. During the cold fermentation season, the area is covered in snowbanks exceeding 2 meters in height.
This snow coverage ensures a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius within the brewery, creating the cleanest and most stable climate for SAKE brewing, which requires fine regulation of these conditions.
Amidst these natural environs, Ayu Masamune selects only the best local rice from within the prefecture and uses the master brewers’ skills to produce fine SAKE.
This clear mountain gorge area is home to abundant snows and water, with our brewers giving their all to produce our beverages.

Photo - Ayumasamune Shuzo -Niigata-
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