We've just expanded our service to "B to C"!

SAKE NETWORK started its service within the framework of BtoB but we have received many requests from the consumers to purchase SAKE through SAKE NETWORK.

Meeting their requests, the service has become available for the consumers as well subject to the conditions as follows;
- the buyer has to be EU resident (including UK)
- the minimum order quantity : 1 case (either 12 bottles or 6 bottles)

Kicking off SAKE NETWORK service.

We've officially started the service from the 1st of March 2017 after the one month testing phase.

Starting by the service for EU countries, we aim to provide the fulfilling service by increasing the products and by expanding the service area.

Our service is currently being tested as open beta

"SAKE NETWORK" is currently being tested and run as an open beta version.
If the official release date is scheduled, we will let you know the details here.

Thank you.