【SALE】Ume Sake Plum liqueur "Koshigoi Junmai Daiginjojikomi" 梅酒 "腰古井 純米大吟醸仕込"-500ml / 3btls-

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• Rich taste combining SAKE and plum 
• Served best as dessert beverage
• Additive-free
• Fruity aroma

This junmai daiginjo combines itself with the fruity aroma of plum to produce a supremely delicious dessert SAKE that is great on the rocks for a cool, refreshing finisher. This medium-bodied brew uses Yamadanishiki rice for a prized drink that earned a silver medal at the 2015 FOODEX Female Gourmet Grand Prix.

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TypeLiqueur -果実酒-

GradeOther -普通酒/果実酒-

BreweryChiba - Yoshino Shuzo


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Volume500ml (per bottle)
Number of Bottles3 bottles (as 1 case)
BodyMedium Body
Dry or SweetSweet
Raw MaterialJunmai daigingo, plum, rock sugar
Variety of RiceYamadanishiki
TasteFilled with the rich taste of plum.
AromaThe fruity aroma of plum and junmai daiginjo.
PrizeSilver medal, FOODEX Female Gourmand Grand Prix 2015
Suitable TemperatureAround 5°C / Around 15°C
Rice Milling Level50%
Alcohol Percentage11-12%

Score: 4

Aroma Low

Score: 1

Flavor Sweet

Score: 3

Body Light

Nuts and Bolts

This beverage is recommend as an aperitif or dessert SAKE. Serve straight and chilled, or on the rocks or with crushed ice for a clean, cool taste.

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This ume-shu dessert SAKE fuses a Junmai Daiginjo SAKE base with pickled plums to bring you a highly aromatic and delectibly sweet drink that heightens the senses when served cold.

Sake Sommelier Comment

SAKE Sommelier fujiwara

Expertly balanced upon a plum, this golden liqueur offers the perfect symmetry for the senses—not too tart, not too sweet, not too acidic.

Brewery Information

Yoshino Shuzo -Chiba-

Brewery located in Kanto

Ueno, Katsura-shi, Chiba

We have been producing SAKE in the Katsuura area of the Boso Peninsula since 1830. The temperate climate of the region pairs with the quality of the ingredients we use and the skills of our producers to create brews where each and every bottle is a testament to our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

We use a horizontal cave-cut well bequeathed to us by our ancestors to obtain the water used in the SAKE, with its source in natural waterways in the mountains. This natural and rich blessing of the mountain helps create a SAKE with umami, gentle mouthfeel, and mild lingering notes of sweetness.

In 2015, the brew took the Gold Medal at the All Japan New SAKE Appraisal Conference and in the 45th Honorable Mention Award at the 2016 Southern Chief Brewers' Refined SAKE Appraisal Conference, a testament to the accolades and reception it has gotten.

Photo - Yoshino Shuzo -Chiba-
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