Junmai Ginjo "Kirakucho Karakuchi " -720ml / 12btls-

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This is a true and authentic dry sake with flavorful umami, not one with a mild taste.

TypeRefreshing Smooth Type

GradeJunmai Ginjo

BreweryKita Shuzo

Volume 720ml (per bottle)
Number of Bottles 12 bottles (as 1 case)
Body Light Body
Dry or Sweet Dry
Raw Material Rice,Rice malt
Variety of Rice Yamadanishiki
Appearance No
Taste Enjoy the signature umami flavor and brisk mouthfeel. This brew has a lingering dry note in the aftertaste.
Aroma A fresh and bright aroma.
Prize No
Suitable Temperature cold,room temperature,warm
Rice Milling Level 55%
Alcohol Percentage 17.5%
Sake Meter Value 14
Acid Degree 1.9
Amino Acid Degree No

Score: 3

Aroma Low

Score: 5

Flavor Sweet

Score: 1

Body Light

Brewery Information

Kita Shuzo

Brewery located in Kinki

Ikedacho, Higashiomi-shi, Shiga

We boast a history of close to 200 years, having been founded in 1820. We cherish Japan’s ancient traditions while incorporating a spirit of creativity and change into our brewing. Kirakucho, our signature brew, gets its name from three Chinese characters that convey our desire that customers be Happy, experience Enjoyment, and live Long. We select the finest ingredients and brewing methods and use a carefully controlled aging process to bring out the umami flavor of the rice and produce a pleasant balance of sweetness of acidity, with a distinctive finish.

Photo - Kita Shuzo
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