Junmai-shu "Gozenshu Mimasaka" -720ml / 12btls-

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Made with 100% Omachimai brewer’s rice from Okayama prefecture. Featuring the signature aroma and umami of Omachimai rice, carefully drawn out and presented in a clean taste, this junmai sake has good umami and a crisp finish. Careful brewing ensures that this sake has a clean taste when served cold and a gentle, mellow umami when hot. It can be paired with all manner of food.

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TypeAromatic Type


BreweryOkayama - Tsuji Honten

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Volume 720ml (per bottle)
Number of Bottles 12 bottles (as 1 case)
Body Full Body
Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice Omachimai
Appearance Nearly clear
Taste While the alcohol proof is low, this sake has the distinctive umami of Omachimai rice and is one you will not tire of. This all-rounder sake pairs well with all sorts of food.
Aroma A gentle aroma suggestive of herbs and fields.
Prize Honor Prize, Hiroshima Tax Authority Refined Sake Appraisal Awards (2007-2014 and 2016)
Honor Prize, Omachi Summit (2013, 2014, and 2016)
Suitable Temperature 10-45°C
Rice Milling Level 65%
Alcohol Percentage 14%
Sake Meter Value 4
Acid Degree 1.3
Amino Acid Degree 1.5

Score: 3

Aroma Low

Score: 4

Flavor Sweet

Score: 5

Body Light

Nuts and Bolts

Pairs well with rich dishes (grilled chicken, foods stewed in water and served with dipping sauce, eel)

Brewery Information

Tsuji Honten -Okayama-

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Katsuyama, Maniwa-shi, Okayama

This brewery started business in 1804 at the same site it stands at today.

This SAKE was originally produced for the royalty of Katsuyama domain, where it obtained its name of “Gozenshu.”

The brewery is located in “Mimasaka,” the old name for northern Okayama, an area with a cold climate and excellent brewers’ rice.

The conditions are so favorable that it was colloquially called “the land of fine SAKE.”

While SAKE from the Inland Sea in the southern part of the prefecture is sweeter, SAKE here has a brisk and dry taste. In 2007, Maiko Tsuji, the first female master brewer in Okayama, took the reigns. This has led to an invigoration of the brewing team.

Through SAKE, a range of ideas and cultures intermingle.

Gozenshu’s history has been about a focus on high-quality brews and authenticity, a commitment to passing on SAKE culture to the next generation.

Photo - Tsuji Honten -Okayama-
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