Junmai-shu "KAGURA Muroka-Genshu Karakuchi" -720ml / 12btls-

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A completely unfiltered, undiluted, raw SAKW. Bottle by hand immediately after pressing, this SAKE will sparkle lightly in golden tones in your glass. KAGURA is a brand that was emerged from a restored SAKE brewery in the Rakuchu area of Kyoto. It is produced in small quantities, all carefully handmade.

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TypeRefreshing Smooth Type


BreweryKyoto - Matsui Shuzo

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Volume 720ml (per bottle)
Number of Bottles 12 bottles (as 1 case)
Body Medium Body
Dry or Sweet Dry
Raw Material Rice,Rice malt
Variety of Rice Iwai
Taste In producing this SAKE to have a fine taste, we have concerned ourselves with more than just the degree of milling of the rice grains. We have made sure that the rice is well dissolved and that it maintains its flavor while producing a fresh taste on the palate.
Aroma Apple-like aroma
Prize Gold Medal, The Joy Of Sake (2012)
Suitable Temperature 5-15°C
Rice Milling Level 65%
Alcohol Percentage 17%
Sake Meter Value 3
Acid Degree 1.9
Amino Acid Degree 1.7

Score: 3

Aroma Low

Score: 5

Flavor Sweet

Score: 3

Body Light

Nuts and Bolts

Tempura (we recommend everything from tempura of shrimps and Japanese whiting to strong-flavored sea urchin and wild vegetables such as bitter Japanese fukinoto buds)

Brewery Information

Matsui Shuzo -Kyoto-

Brewery located in Kinki

Yoshida Kawaracho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Founded in 1726, Matsui is the original brewery of Kagura and Fuji Chitose, the choice SAKEs of the imperial capital. This brewery abundant in natural scenery lies between the 36 Higashiyama mountains and the Kamo River, with views of Kyoto Imperial Palace and Shimogamo Shrine to the west and Daimonji-yama to the east. Brewing operations were suspended for an extended period due to urban renewal nearby, but the brewery reopened in 2009 and SAKE production was started again. Matsui has boldly adopting new techniques for making better SAKE, and 60% of its electricity requirements is provided by solar energy.On the other hand, it is rare to find a brewery that has this level of hands-on involvement in the brewing process, with every aspect of production all the way to bottling carried out by the brewery staff themselves. Aiming to fuse tradition and innovation in SAKE brewing, 300-plus years since its founding, today 15th generation Shigeki Matsui leads operations as overseer and chief brewer.

Photo - Matsui Shuzo -Kyoto-
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