Marriage Pack B (Good for rich taste dishes)

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Another set of SAKEs which match well with rich taste dishes.
This can be a good hint for the chefs who value the idea of “Marriage” with the dishes, but also good for the SAKE lovers who’d like to enjoy the fantastic harmony of SAKE and your dishes.

Special price for the limited boxes and now Freight-Free (Free shipping) !

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Junmai-shu "Takasago Ishikawamon" 300ml

Ishikawa-mon is a rice cultivated in Ishikawa Prefecture especially for its affinity with SAKE. Using underground water from the Tedori River, we ferment it into a junmai SAKE.

ProductsRefreshing Smooth Type


BreweryKanaya Shuzouten Corporation

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetMedium

TasteA soft mouthfeel with a slightly sweet note.

Suitable Temperaturewarm

Rice Milling Level60%

Alcohol Percentage16.5%

Tokubetsu Junmai-shu "Kinshi Masamune" 300ml

Made carefully by hand with Gohyakumangoku brewer's rice from Kyoto milled to 60%. Enjoy the signature aroma of a handcrafted brew and the gentle but umami of rice, with a crisp finish.

ProductsRefreshing Smooth Type

CategoryTokubetsu Junmai

BreweryKinshi Masamune

BodyLight body

Dry or SweetSlightly Dry

TasteThe rich umami of rice and a clean finish.

Aroma:The elegant aroma you expect of a handcrafted brew.

AromaA fruity aroma.

Suitable TemperatureAround 10°C, Around 50°C

Rice Milling Level60%

Alcohol Percentage15-16%

Honjozo "Owaramusume" 180ml

A dry honjozo-shu. Powerfully flavored with no added water. A robust flavor popular with SAKE aficionados.

ProductsRich Type


BreweryTama Asahi Shuzo

BodyFull Body

Dry or SweetDry

TasteA dry taste unfolding into a rich umami and depth.

AromaA strong aroma rich in umami.

Suitable TemperatureAbout 20°C

Rice Milling Level65%

Alcohol Percentage18-19%

Junmai Ginjo "Takaisami Goriki" 300ml

Goriki brewer’s rice, a long-lost strain of heirloom rice that was produced in Tottori, has been recreated with the help of contract farmers and is used to assiduously produce a flavorful junmai daiginjo. This rice offers a signature balance of light acidity and deep flavor. We are also committed to picking the best water, using Hoki Water, a water that took the Grand Gold prize for nine consecutive years at the Monde Selection between 2007 and 2015.

Products Rich Type

Category Junmai Ginjo

Brewery Otani Shuzo

Body Medium body

Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry

Taste Notes of sweet, sour, a pleasant bitterness, and a rich flavor.

Aroma A clear and gentle ginjo aroma.

Suitable Temperature Around 10°C, Around 45°C

Rice Milling Level 50%

Alcohol Percentage 15-16%

Ume-shu "Kimibandai" 180ml

This plum wine is made with pickled plums from Ibaraki Prefecture.Using fermentation methods that draw out the qualities of sake, this rich plum wine has ten times the plum extract of a traditional plum wine.Kimibandai offers a crisp finish which then evolves into sweet and sour flavor in the mouth, the signature of a fully matured plum wine.

Products Liqueur

Category Other

Brewery Tanaka Shuzoten

Body Full body

Dry or Sweet Sweet

Taste This brew has a strong flavor. Tastes good over ice; can be poured over shaved ice for an especially delicious dish. Serve in hot water to heat your body up from the inside out. A medicinal Japanese alcohol. Have a tipple of this before bed and its alkaline properties will whisk away your fatigue and lead you into a deep slumber.

Aroma A rich and concentrated aroma with the sweet and acidity of plums.

Suitable Temperature About 5-55°C

Alcohol Percentage 11%

Honjozo "KAGURA Karakuchi Snow Moon Flower" 300ml

A classic deeply flavored sake made using the exact brewing method passed down over the generations since the Edo period. Diluted version, refreshing & dry with a clean finish.

Products Refreshing Smooth Type

Category Honjozo

Brewery Matsui Shuzo

Body Light body

Dry or Sweet Dry

Taste The clean dry taste and gentle aroma persists smoothly cup after cup. This SAKE shines even more when heated up to be enjoyed with a meal.

Aroma A moderate ginjo aroma.

Suitable Tempex11rature About 5-50°C

Rice Milling Level 65%

Alcohol Percentage 15%

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