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An assortment of SAKEs with different types of aroma and taste (Aromatic type / Refreshing smooth type / Rich type / Aged type).
Recommended for those who want to taste the diversity of Japanese SAKE world.

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Tokubetsu Honjozo "Ayumasamune" 300ml

Drawing on the natural flavor of the water sources flowing within the brewery, this brew is designed to have a full-bodied taste and clean finish. It can be enjoyed both chilled and hot and is ideal for young people or those just getting acquainted with sake. This SAKE can be served with meals and pairs with a wide variety of cuisine.

ProductsRefreshing Smooth Type

CategoryTokubetsu Honjozo

BreweryAyumasamune Shuzo

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetSlightly Sweet

TasteA light feel and taste ensure that this brew can be enjoyed many ways.

AromaA rich aroma derived from the natural qualities of the koji mould and the rice.

Suitable TemperatureAbout 15°C, About 42°C

Rice Milling Level65%

Alcohol Percentage15%

Junmai Daiginjo "Magokoro" 180ml

A vivid, full-bodied aroma that nevertheless has a crisp finish.

ProductsAromatic Type

CategoryJunmai Daiginjo

BreweryIwanoi Shuzo

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetSlightly Sweet

TasteA clean and crisp flavor.

AromaA rich and fragrant aroma.

Suitable Temperaturebout 10-15°C

Rice Milling Level45%

Alcohol Percentage16-17%

Yuzu-Shu "YOU'S TIME LIGHT" 375ml

Blending our "Ei-kun" ginjo SAKE and yuzu citrus juice, we produce this easy-to-drink liqueur. The stylish long frosted bottle is the perfect start to a fun time.



BrewerySaito Sake Brewing

BodyLight body

Dry or SweetSweet

TasteA moderate and soft taste with gentle aroma.

AromaA light and fruity aroma.

Suitable TemperatureCold

Alcohol Percentage5%

Daiginjo "Bonbori" 300ml

Developed by Niigata Prefecture. We take Koshi Tanrei daiginjo rice and polish it to 50% to produce a pure SAKE that is immediately processed over heat and then stored for three months in a snow cavern. Using proprietary yeast cultures allows us to produce a smooth brew found nowhere else. This SAKE has a clean finish and a transparent, clear feeling that will not go to your head.

Products Aged Type

Category Daiginjo

Brewery Yoyogiku Brewery

Body Medium body

Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry

Taste A complex and deep flavor with a clear acidic note.

Aroma This SAKE has a light and smooth taste, with a vivid aroma.

Suitable Temperature About 5°C

Rice Milling Level 50%

Alcohol Percentage 16.7%

Daiginjo "Owaramusume" 300ml

Enjoy the elegant aroma and smooth, expansive taste.

Products Aromatic Type

Category Daiginjo

Brewery Tama Asahi Shuzo

Body Medium body

Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry

Taste A refreshing flavor that is nevertheless robust.

Aroma A fruity aroma suggestive of muscat grapes and pears.

Suitable Temperature About 15°C

Rice Milling Level 50%

Alcohol Percentage 15-16%

Tokubetsu Junmai-shu "Echigo Sekkobai" 300ml

For ten years since 2007, this SAKE has continued to be awardedtake the Gold Medal at the Monde Selection. It is one of Hakuryu’s most strongly recommended SAKEs. This Junmai Daiginjo SAKE offers a crisp taste, a mild umami flavor of rice, and a smooth and mellow aroma.

Products Refreshing Smooth Type

Category Tokubetsu Junmai

Brewery Hasegawa Shuzo

Body Light body

Dry or Sweet Dry

Taste A moderate umami and clean aftertaste.

Aroma Rich notes of rice and koji mould.

Suitable Temperature Cold, Room temperature, Warm

Rice Milling Level 55%

Alcohol Percentage 15%

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