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・Sample different flavors and body profiles

・Try different food pairing matches

・4 SAKEs from each different SAKE type and Ume-shu (dessert SAKE)

・Comes with bonus gift SAKE

The Discovery Set is a SAKE assortment pack designed by an expert SAKE sommelier to provide you with a taste from all four corners of the SAKE spectrum; Aromatic, Refreshing, Rich and Aged SAKE.

Bonus SAKE included as a special gift. All SAKE brewed exclusively in Japan.

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Junmai Daiginjo "Sakuramuromachi Gold Omachimainosato" 純米大吟醸 "櫻室町ゴールド雄町米の里" 720ml

SAKE is usually bottled at around 15% ABV. While the Ginjo SAKE family (Daiginjo, Ginjo, Honjozo, and Futsu-shu) are fortified with distilled alcohol, the purpose is not to increase the alcohol content but to help release the complex flavors and aromas that lay dormant.

ProductsAromatic Type

CategoryJunmai Daiginjo

BreweryMuromachi Shuzo

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetSlightly Dry

AromaA faintly sweet aroma

Suitable Temperaturecold-room temperature

Rice Milling Level40%

Alcohol Percentage15.5%

Junmai-shu "Takasago Ohkoshu 1995" 純米 "高砂 大古酒 1995" 720ml

From specialty brewer Kanaya Shuzoten, located in Ishikawa Prefecture, comes Takasago Ohkoshu. This aged pale-amber Junmai SAKE is from 1995, and presents a brilliant umami and moderately matured aroma.

ProductsAged Type


BreweryKanaya Shuzoten Corporation

BodyFull body

Dry or SweetSlightly Sweet

TasteAn elegant umami

AromaA gentle but aged aroma

Suitable Temperaturebout 10-15°C

Rice Milling Level60%

Alcohol Percentage15.9%

Junmai Ginjo "Tsukinowa" 純米吟醸 "月の輪" 720ml

The Tsukinowa Shuzoten brewery in Iwate Prefecture brings you Tsukinowa, a smooth and refreshing Junmai Ginjo SAKE with a subdued aroma and perfectly balanced flavor profile that's not too sweet or too dry. This medium-body SAKE goes perfectly with vegetables and seasoned fish dishes, and is best served cold for a supremely delicious experience.

ProductsRefreshing Smooth Type

CategoryJunmai Ginjo

BreweryTsukinowa Shuzoten

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetMedium

TasteA refreshingly delicious SAKE

AromaA subdued aroma

Suitable TemperatureAround 10°C / Around 15°C

Rice Milling Level50%

Alcohol Percentage16%

Tokubetsu Junmai-shu "Joyo" 特別純米 "城陽" 720ml

Joyo rounds out the standard SAKE spectrum by offering a rich Tokubetsu Junmai from Joyo Shuzo brewery in Kyoto. Feel free to heat up this unfiltered SAKE just a little bit to enjoy the modest aroma and slightly dry flavor. Brewed with the most strict of water quality standards, this Junmai pairs beautifully with meats and traditional Japanese dishes.

ProductsRich Type

CategoryTokubetsu Junmai

BreweryJoyo Shuzo

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetSlightly Dry

TasteA rich and complex umami flavor unfurls, leading to a sharp acidic finish

AromaA gentle and subdued aroma.

Suitable Temperaturecold - ordinary

Rice Milling Level60%

Alcohol Percentage15%

Ume-shu "Koshigoi Junmai Daiginjojikomi" 梅酒 "腰古井 純米大吟醸仕込" 500ml

SAKE NETWORK completes its Discovery Set with the Koshigoi Junmai Daiginjojikomi, straight from Chiba Prefecture in Japan's Kanto region. This ume-shu dessert SAKE fuses a Junmai Daiginjo SAKE base with pickled plums to bring you a highly aromatic and delectibly sweet drink that heightens the senses when served cold.



BreweryYoshino Shuzo

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetSweet

TasteFilled with the rich taste of plum.

AromaThe fruity aroma of plum and junmai daiginjo.

Suitable TemperatureAround 5°C / Around 15°C

Rice Milling Level50%

Alcohol Percentage11-12%

SAKE Sommelier Comment

SAKE Sommelier fujiwara

Each brand and bottle of SAKE can take on a variety of flavor and aroma profiles, so knowing which SAKE matches your palate can be overwhelming for beginners. Featuring a selection of distinct sakes, SAKE NETWORK's Discovery Set is your gateway to finding your personal favorite.

Start your SAKE journey with the SAKE NETWORK Discovery Set today!

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