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An assortment is in different grade of SAKE.(Junmai Ginjo, Ginjo, Honjozo, Ume-shu, Junmai-shu)
Recommended for those who want to taste the diversity of Japanese SAKE.

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Junmai Ginjo "Koshigoi Yamadanishiki" 180ml

This ginjo SAKE has a crisp flavor enveloped by a gentle and faint aroma. Yamadanishiki brewer’s rice is polished to 50% and the chief brewer’s skills used to the fullest to age this SAKE at low temperature and create a balanced and mild brew. A dry and bright taste with a distinctive flavor at its core. Enjoy a depth and richness of flavor.

First Place (Gold Medal), Junmai SAKE Category, Southern Chief Brewers’ Refined SAKE Appraisal Conference 2014, Third Place, 2015.

ProductsAromatic Type

CategoryJunmai Ginjo

BreweryYoshino Shuzo

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetMedium

TasteA rich and deep flavor with a clean finish.

AromaA fruity aroma.

Suitable TemperatureAbout 5-10°C

Rice Milling Level50%

Alcohol Percentage15-16%

Honjozo "Ayumasamune" 300ml

This is a classic local SAKE that has been enjoyed here the longest of all brews. It has a rich taste and flavor that will keep you coming back, offering excellent value for the price and a consistently high quality. Pairs well with food. This is an accessible SAKE that’s easy to drink.

ProductsRefreshing Smooth Type


BreweryAyumasamune Shuzo

BodyMedium body

Dry or SweetSlightly Sweet

TasteA moderate and soft taste with gentle aroma.

AromaA light and fruity aroma.

Suitable TemperatureAbout 15°C, About 42°C

Rice Milling Level70%

Alcohol Percentage15%

Junmai-shu "Bd-14 (Baume Degree 14)" 300ml

Yachiyo is noted for its four-step fermentation process that produces a clean sweetness. We recommend serving it in a large glass with lots of ice. The stylish cobalt blue bottle presents a brisk and modern look that is popular among women and young people.

Products Refreshing Smooth Type

Category Junmai

Brewery Yachiyo Shuzo

Body Light body

Dry or Sweet Slightly Sweet

Taste Clean and sweet.

Aroma Gentle aroma.

Suitable Temperature Cold, Rock

Rice Milling Level 60%

Alcohol Percentage 15%

Ginjo "Hakuryu" 300ml

“Ginjo Hakuryu” offers a vivid Ginjo aroma and clean and pleasant dry taste. This is enhanced by a faint and gentle umami, creating an excellent balance between the dryness and umami. This Ginjo sake has been produced through continued research with local contract farmers in order to develop a signature strain of “Gohyakumangoku”, which is used 100% in this sake.

Products Refreshing Smooth Type

Category Ginjo

Brewery Hakuryu Shuzo

Body Medium body

Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry

Taste A Crisp and pleasant dryness a with a faintly smooth umami within.

Aroma Fruity flavor suggestive of natural fruit.

Suitable Temperature About 10-15°C

Rice Milling Level 50%

Alcohol Percentage 15%

Ume-shu "Kimibandai" 180ml

This plum wine is made with pickled plums from Ibaraki Prefecture.Using fermentation methods that draw out the qualities of sake, this rich plum wine has ten times the plum extract of a traditional plum wine.Kimibandai offers a crisp finish which then evolves into sweet and sour flavor in the mouth, the signature of a fully matured plum wine.

Products Liqueur

Category Other

Brewery Tanaka Shuzoten

Body Full body

Dry or Sweet Sweet

Taste This brew has a strong flavor. Tastes good over ice; can be poured over shaved ice for an especially delicious dish. Serve in hot water to heat your body up from the inside out. A medicinal Japanese alcohol. Have a tipple of this before bed and its alkaline properties will whisk away your fatigue and lead you into a deep slumber.

Aroma A rich and concentrated aroma with the sweet and acidity of plums.

Suitable Temperature About 5-55°C

Alcohol Percentage 11%

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