[SALE] Junmai "Suishin Junmai Jyukuseishu" -720ml / 1bottle-


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A treasured liqueur, aged during 28 years, made with junmai SAKE steeped in pickled plum and pine needle."Meticulous and masterful"

• Rich, slightly bitter flavor
• Diverse serving temperature
• Long fermentation process
• Flavor and color like caramel

Suishin Junmai Jyukuseishu aged type SAKE is the pride and joy of a 10-year fermentation process, conducted under strict climate control, that results in a superior brew that sophisticated palates will appreciate to the very fullest.

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TypeAged Type


BreweryHiroshima - Suishin Yamane Honten


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Volume720ml (per bottle)
Number of Bottles1 bottles (as 1 case)
BodyFull Body
Dry or SweetSlightly Dry
Raw MaterialRice, Rice malt
Variety of RiceYamadanishiki
TasteThis SAKE is complex and rich taste.
Aromamellow aroma
Suitable Temperature5-40°C
Rice Milling Level65%
Alcohol Percentage15%
Sake Meter Value4
Acid Degree2

Score: 5

Aroma Low

Score: 4

Flavor Sweet

Score: 5

Body Light

Nuts and Bolts

Enjoy this aged SAKE at room temperature or chilled, and enjoy it at your next dinner party, particularly if it features smoked chicken or beef stew, and especially if you will be offering cheese.

About this Products

suishin jyukuseishu

Meticulously aged for 10 years under strict climate control, Suishin Junmai Jyukuseishu is a testament to fermentation as a true craft when done right. Its sophisticaion comes through with every sip. Featuring a slightly bitter taste with hints of rich caramel, this brew is perfectly balanced for an unforgettable SAKE experience.

Suishin Jyukuseishu is the perfect bottle for business dinners when you want to leave a lasting impression on your colleagues. Its versatility allows you to serve on the rocks or at room temperature so that anyone can enjoy this amazing brew in the way that best suits their style.

Sake Sommelier Comment

SAKE Sommelier fujiwara

Hidden behind a tempting ivory color and mature aroma reminiscent of espresso, the finish of this well-aged selection boasts an unexpectedly refreshing flavor.

Brewery Information

Suishin Yamane Honten -Hiroshima-

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Suishin was founded in 1860.
We are the only SAKE brewery in Mihara, Hiroshima, an area long recognized as being ideal for SAKE production. Our brews are also well-known for having been a lifelong favorite of famed Japanese painter Taikan Yokoyama.

Suishin is committed to producing unique soft water brews made from water with a soft mineral content that is seldom available.

The resulting SAKE is very fine, with a smooth umami, and it has been steadily garnering accolades at various expos and conferences.

Photo - Suishin Yamane Honten -Hiroshima-
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