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About Products & Services

What is Japanese SAKE?

SAKE is a fermented alcohol from Japan made with rice, rice malt, and water.

For more information, please read About Japanese SAKE.

What is the SAKE NETWORK?

SAKE NETWORK is a Japanese e-commerce site where you can purchase high-quality Japanese SAKE, liqueurs, as well as SAKE vessels.

For more information, please read, About SAKE NETWORK.

How do I best enjoy Japanese SAKE?

There are varied and numerous ways to enjoy Japanese SAKE with different temperatures and paired with the right foods.

For more information, please read, Enjoy Japanese SAKE.

Teach me about the proper storage methods for Japanese SAKE.

SAKE needs to be stored in a cool and dark place, as the color and flavor of SAKE is altered due to the effects of temperature and (ultraviolet) light. Store SAKE with delicate flavors such as Ginjo in a chilled location.

Store opened bottles of SAKE in a chilled location and drink as soon as possible.

Who is managing SAKE NETWORK?

SAKE NETWORK is planned and operated by the Japanese trading company Kanematsu Corporation and digital promotion company Monster Dive.

Please read About SAKE NETWORK for details.

Which languages do you support?

SAKE NETWORK content is in English.

Please use the Google Translate button on the top of the page to translate into other languages. However, SAKE NETWORK does not guarantee the accuracy of Google Translate.

About Accounts / Purchases

How can I make a purchase?

You must register an account in order to purchase products. Account registration is free.

Please go to Create New Customer Account to register a new account at any time.

Are there any restrictions on which countries can make purchases?

SAKE NETWORK currently only provides sales to E.U. nations.

For more information, please check Available Countries and Regions.

I forgot my password. How can I reissue my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can be reissued a password from Forgot Your Password.

I want to change the information I have registered with. How can I change it?

After logging in you can change your registered information from My Dashboard.

How much product inventory is there?

Please understand that even if a product is shown to be in inventory, product procurement may not be possible depending on date or order timing.

About Delivery / Payment

What payment methods are available?

Currently only credit card payment is available, but we plan to support PayPal payments in the future.

How are the products shipped and delivered to me?

Products are shipped via DHL.

Could you tell us the delivery lead time?

Estimated Delivery Time : 10days - 14day.
Please note that there is a possibility of delay in delivery due to bad weather or customs clearance.

What is the currency to pay for the products?

Prices on this site are displayed in EUR, GBP, or other currency of your country, but you are charged by Japanese yen in your credit card.

Am I charged the cost other than the product and shipping fee?

Please kindly note that the consignee/importer pays for the customs, import / excise duty and customs clearance fee if required.
In that case, the payment is to be made directly to the courier service or to the Customs.

About Cancellation, Returns, & Refunds

How can I cancel my order?

After orders are made they cannot be cancelled for customers'personal reasons.

What will be done if the wrong item is shipped, or if the item is damaged?

Please contact us via Contact Us. We will process another shipment with the correct products.

If the product you have ordered is not in stock, a refund will be given.

Can I return products or get a refund after purchase?

Returns and refunds are only available for products mistakenly shipped or for damaged products. As a general policy, there are otherwise no returns or refunds.

Other Questions

Do you have a contact center?

The Contact Us contact form is available for all your inquiries.

    About our item prices:

  • Import Duty
  • Excise Duty
  • VAT
  • Customs clearance fee (if needed)

are not included in the price.
Please kindly note that the consignee/importer pays for the customs, import / excise duty and customs clearance fee if required.
In that case, the payment is to be made directly to the courier service or to the Customs.
If you need further information about the tax/duty rate and policy, please see our Support page.

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