Ume Sake Plum liqueur "Kimibandai" -500ml / 6btls-

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"The ultimate plum wine experience…"

・Locally-sourced pickled plums
・10x more plum extract than traditional plum wine
・Sweet and full-bodied
・Rich aroma with soothing alkaline properties

Ibaraki brewery Tanaka Shuzoten has taken the increasingly popular ume-shu to new heights by offering a rich liqueur that’s packed with more pickled plum extract than most other plum wine products, bringing you a wholly unique Japanese drink.

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TypeLiqueur -果実酒-

GradeOther -普通酒/果実酒-

BreweryIbaraki - Tanaka Shuzoten

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Volume500ml (per bottle)
Number of Bottles6 bottles (as 1 case)
BodyFull Body
Dry or SweetSweet
Raw MaterialSake, Plum, Rock suger
TasteThis brew has a strong flavor. Tastes good over ice; can be poured over shaved ice for an especially delicious dish. Serve in hot water to heat your body up from the inside out. A medicinal Japanese alcohol. Have a tipple of this before bed and its alkaline properties will whisk away your fatigue and lead you into a deep slumber.
AromaA rich and concentrated aroma with the sweet and acidity of plums.
Suitable Temperature5-55°C
Alcohol Percentage11%
Acid Degree7

Score: 5

Aroma Low

Score: 1

Flavor Sweet

Score: 5

Body Light

Nuts and Bolts

The sweetness of this Kimibandai Ume-Shu avails itself to a number of drinking methods. The high alkalinity allows you to enjoy this liqueur hot for a rejuvenating effect when fatiqued. It's also great over shaved ice or vanilla ice cream for a sweet dessert.

Sake Sommelier Comment

SAKE Sommelier fujiwara

Japanese plum wine continues to grow in popularity, and the Kimibandai Ume-Shu is the perfect drink for those who want experience this sweet export at its highest level. By using more plum extract than most other products on the market, you get a full-bodied wine whose strong flavor challenges the palate of even the most seasoned ume-shu enthusiasts. Its crisp finish fills the tongue with complexity, indicative of a high-quality fermentation process.

Brewery Information

Tanaka Shuzoten -Ibaraki-

Brewery located in Kanto

Toride, Toride-shi, Ibaraki

Founded in 1655. Since its founding, the brewery has steadfastly focused on the production of Japanese SAKE. This brewery was bestowed the brand name Kimibandai by the Meiji Emperor in 1884. The name means, “may Japan prosper long.” So long as Japan continues to thrive, so, too, will we produce SAKE.

Photo - Tanaka Shuzoten -Ibaraki-
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