Yuzu Sake Citrus liqueur "HARERU" -500ml / 6bottles-


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Grown organically in Yakage, Shinbimidori Japanese mint is known for its sweet fragrance and cooling sensation.

We've married this delicate cooling sensation with the refreshing sourness of yuzu. Rare even in Japan, we bring you this special mint liqueur.

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BreweryOkayama - Komesake Center Hiramatsu

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Volume500ml (per bottle)
Number of Bottles6 bottles (as 1 case)
BodyMedium Body
Dry or SweetSweet
Raw MaterialYuzu, rice shochu (made with Japanese rice), fructose, mint extract, vitamin C, citric acid
TasteLet the aroma of yuzu spread across your palate, accentuating the refreshing cooling sensation of Japanese mint.
Suitable Temperaturecold
Alcohol Percentage7-8

Score: 3

Aroma Low

Score: 1

Flavor Sweet

Score: 3

Body Light

Nuts and Bolts

Delicious served on the rocks, with soda, or even with milk.

Brewery Information

Komesake Center Hiramatsu -Okayama-

Brewery located in Chugoku-Shikoku

Miyamae, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama

Following the appointment of our third company president in 2014, we focused our attention on continuing to deliver Japanese SAKE to the world and deliver the best SAKE in the world to Okayama. Hoping to create our own high quality SAKE, our owner visited various breweries and worked with them to develop unique products that could only be made at local breweries. We bring you only the best products, carefully selected by our owner and brewed with love.

Photo - Komesake Center Hiramatsu -Okayama-
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